Craig Carlson is a native South Carolinian and a graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.  After graduation he worked in the computer field as a database administrator for several large corporations.  The events of 9/11 caused Craig to rethink his career choices.  He chose to embark on a 13-year career in law enforcement with the Metro Nashville Police Department.  During his law enforcement career, Craig worked both as a detective and a patrol officer.  Craig's experience in law enforcement investigations have taught him the importance of quality investigations when it comes to litigation. Every Defendant needs a good Defense Attorney, just like every Defense Attorney needs a good Criminal Defense Investigator. 

Craig is licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to conduct private investigations.  License # D0003473
Craig is on the list of Licensed Investigators approved by the South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense for use in Indigent Criminal Defense cases.

Craig is also a member of the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI) and the South Carolina Public Defender Investigators Association (SCPDIA).

Human Resources Consultant​​

Karla Carlson is a Certified Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) with a Human Resource career distinguished by commended performance and proven results. Karla plays a lead role in assisting with succession planning, talent development, training development and execution. Karla has leadership experience and demonstrated success negotiating win-win compromises, developing teambuilding programs, and writing personnel manuals, corporate policies, job descriptions and management reports.

Karla received her undergraduate degree in Childcare Administration from Oklahoma Baptist University and her masters degree in Organizational management from the University of Phoenix.